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30 November 2009

+ hurray +

+ hurray +
am happy bcoz just went from Sg.
the place my mother was born.
i meet all mycousin and we knowin' each other.
thanx for pakman who always care and guide us on there.

23 November 2009

+ light +

+ light +
in this photo : lake garden taiping
yesterday was d beatifull moment :D
with myspecial one ♥ :D

19 November 2009

+ beutifull may +

+ beutifull may +
.Stubborn and hard-hearted.
.Strong-willed and highly motivated.
.Sharp thoughts.
.Easily angered.
.Attracts others and loves attention.
.Deep feelings.
.Beautiful physically and mentally.
.Firm Standpoint.
.Needs no motivation.
.Easily consoled.
.Systematic (left brain).
.Loves to dream.
.Strong clairvoyance.
.Understanding. usually in the ear and neck.
.Good imagination.
.Good physical.
.Weak breathing.
.Loves literature and the arts.
.Loves traveling.
.Dislike being at home.
.Not having many children.
.High spirited.
p/s : it's me :D and you.

18 November 2009

+ ngilu +

+ ngilu +
yesterday was d bad day.
i try make it nothin'.
but thnx to Ms Docter.
help me :D
everything settle.
but just a lil not yet.
wait soon.
yeah! today am work just like others day.
but workin' without my friend 'yt'.
shes ill mybe.
hope shes get more better soon.
chiau :)

16 November 2009

+ puaskah +

+ puaskah +

Puaskah kau lukaiku
Puaskah kau sakitiku
Puaskah khianatiku
Puaskah hoo.. Sayangku
Di manakah nuranimu
Di mana akal sehatmu
Sekarang kau campakanku
Setelah kau dapatkanku
Mungkin hanya bila ku mati
Kau 'kan berhenti 'tuk menyakiti
Sampai kapan aku begini
Terus begini
Terus engkau lukai
Ingatlah saat yang lalu
Saat kau peluk diriku
Tapi kini semua lalu
Kau tega khianatiku


.one day.
just chekin' this.
so cute.
pink color.
so clik meto see more.

+ a very good mornin' +

+ a very good mornin' +
i wanna share sumthing with u all :D
for whom whos never submit
click here :
please fill up this form and sent to address kwsp.
this is for future.
because this will help u for ur futher.
anthing happend we would know.
cheers =)

13 November 2009

+ seimbas +

+ 3 in 1 +

+ 3 in 1 +

i miss them!
today nothings am done.
only workin' then fill up my day with edit all pict.
am alone.

p/s : think bout tmorrow and futher.

12 November 2009

+ everyday +

+ everyday +
location : Perhentian Seremban
hee :D
yep! today i admit am really tired.
i've to rest actly.
in my head i just think wanna absent :D
hihi..what d good idea actly.
but am to bored to stay alone.
then i take dcsion to work.
hari ni even diri ku mengantuk ku masih leh berdiri :D
xrasa sperti d awangan.
mybe dpt tido utk 3 jam lbih suda memadai.
pape pun actly at my office even am not there thats not a prob coz system to slow!
so slow!
i can't done my work.
yes! my license car :D
sangat tidak sabar.

11 November 2009

+ trainin' +

+ trainin' +
whee :D finish my traini' yesterday.
pple dunno what kind trainin' i was tke yesterday.
but actly proton will make new 'again' system.
am gonna crazy. becoz only 'vehicle' 'end customer' again 'vehicle'
then im dyin' agaga..
btw Siti Aishah at us trainer.
thanx so much to her for gain us more knowledge.
thats mean i take 3 trainin' for 3 new and change system.
huh! but am not pursue it.
yes! all my stuff now becomin' 'Pink'
whos d people havechange this?
only me know it! jue! go go.

09 November 2009

+ on my way +

+ on my way +

yes..that dat i went to my sis house.
really happy.
out of problem for the moment.
see all d 'telahat c kecil muhammad farihin'
ouh! my sis shes 7 months pregnant :D
soon i'll get one more 'anak buah'.
hihi :D
fmi : prOgrams

06 November 2009

+ sedia kala +

+ sedia kala +
today am not feelin' good. huh! i dunno what was happend actly. but what eva: life, live like nothing happend. :D p/s : jOhnnys Restaurant.nyum.nyum.
:: at johnnys restaurant ::

03 November 2009

+ whe +

+ whe +
salam sejahtera :D lets dbook story by word.
seems today not a good day like everydays.
i've to think more deeply bout what should i done.
may Allah S.W.T bless everthings.
today to much suprised!
really suprised.
only me knowin' it.

02 November 2009

+ my insp +

+ my insp +
i want this.

ku cuba untuk membina hobi baru.
even hobi ni suda lama ku minati.
tp inyallah akan d laksana kan impian ni.
be a 'photog person'
hehe.kelaka lar but it's not imposible.
click here 4 more info :D

+ smile +

+ smile +
d best lah. wat² tade pape kan. 0-0
pape pun today seems like everthing oke.
btw come i wanna share sumthing
clickanime and layan kan.
sumtime it's d best.
hilang tension.
jum layan.